The Buggees Bunch


המחיר המקורי היה: ₪52.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: ₪39.

שליח חינם עד הבית בקניה מעל 199 ש"ח

The Buggees trio, adventure-loving beetles, came together one fine day in a small town in Japan. Yogi, Sheen and Ming decided to see the world, and discovered a way to realize their dream. Join the Buggees Bunch on their wonderful journey, and you’ll be able to enjoy their travels and learn with them about distant countries, about different cultures and languages, and about sweet creatures. The book includes Storytoons – short video clips and short animation that enhance the reading and learning experience. You can view these by scanning the barcode using a smartphone or tablet. Ofir Bikurim is the pioneer of Storytoons in Israel, offering a wonderful merger of the printed book and the electronic experience – a book you’ll long to open again and again. The Buggees Take Off – the first book in the Buggees Bunch series.

Nava Almog 
and Keren Almog-Shalem – a mother and daughter who love to travel, to discover new places, to tell stories and to create together. They’ve brought these loves together to create a series of books on adventures and personal experiences through the eyes of three beetles…

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